The business

As a full-time concern my business, a sole proprietorship, has existed since 1996. Until now the main focus has been on the provision of language services in English and Afrikaans: translating, proofreading, copy-editing and copywriting.

Other activities have included lecturing, training and workshop facilitation, mainly at schools (working with both students and teachers) and on the local (Pietermaritzburg) campus of the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

The focus is now shifting to niche seminars and workshops, mainly (but not solely) for professionals in both the private and the public sectors.

Core belief

Underlying all facets of my business all along has been this belief:

Clear and thoughtful communication, whether verbal or written, is extremely important. Among other things it reflects courtesy and respect and builds good relationships.

This belief is reflected in my motto, "Simply clearer". It suggests that anything worth saying is worth saying clearly, and that the simpler we can keep our messages the clearer they wil be. Unclear and cluttered messages, by contrast, reflect carelessness and disrespect for the intended reader or hearer.

Read more about my motto here.

Areas of operation

Anywhere in cyberspace for my language services, and wherever I am invited to go in South Africa to present my seminars and workshops.

About me

Please click here for a brief personal profile.

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